Controlled Environments

Clean utilities

Kuijpers ensures safe, reliable and high-quality utilities. Does quality have top priority in your business? Then you can call on the extensive expertise of our professionals.

Water for Injection, Purified Water, steam, Clean Compressed Air, nitrogen and oxygen. These utilities are essential to many pharmaceutical processes. They are used as ingredients, and for procedures in operating theatres and cleanrooms. And also for cleaning equipment in laboratories, compounding pharmacies and hospitals. In each of those settings preventing any contamination of the plant, product or process can be critical to life.

Consultancy, design, construction and maintenance of clean utilities: Kuijpers can support you in every stage of the facility lifecycle. We can monitor your plant and continuously ensure the specified high quality, during both storage and distribution. Our smart solutions also help you to reduce your water and power consumption where possible. As a result, you are not just investing in the process or plant lifespan, but also in a better future.

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