Controlled Environments


Do you need a controlled environment which complies with all regulations and quality requirements? If so, you can rely on Kuijpers’ validation services. We have extensive experience of the design, construction and maintenance of complex environments. This enables our expert team to offer reliable and thorough validation solutions. A dedicated department  is responsible for the Quality Assurance approval – ensuring independent quality assurance.

Of course you want to be certain that your cleanroom, laboratory, operating theatre or production or dispensing pharmacy is fully suitable for the intended application. To validate your facility our experts undertake a range of particle and qualification measurements in accordance with standards such as ISO 14644-1, ISO 14644-3, GMP and the VCCN (Dutch association for contamination control) guidelines for contamination control. Our own process is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015. This ensures consistent and reliable operations and quality.

Kuijpers validates and classifies research and production environments in fields such as pharma, high-tech, research, healthcare and food. We undertake both initial assessments and scheduled follow-up validations. You decide under what circumstances we validate your controlled environment[HVB1] : as-built, operational or at rest. In this way you and we can together ensure the best possible performance of your controlled environment. Do you want to know more about our validation services? Then please contact us for more information.

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