Semiconductors, robotics, photonics, aerospace or quantum technology: the high-tech industry in the Netherlands is growing very quickly. These technical advances rely on the cleanliness of products and clean production. Do you want to continue to produce and innovate effectively? We can provide the perfect balance in your controlled environment: optimised control of the environment combined with a flexible, productive working environment.

The consequences of contamination can ruin your product. To ensure the accuracy of all your components you have to be able to rely on a working environment where contamination is effectively prevented, without concessions to quality. Kuijpers is the expert in contamination control and facility management for high-tech organisations.

If you work with Kuijpers you work with a partner who, like you, thinks ahead. We explore new opportunities, set the direction and shift the boundaries. In this way we make your life easier, from the initial inquiry through to the turnkey handover of a complete cleanroom, whatever its size or ISO class. We can also support you with maintenance and management.

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