You focus on quantum research. We focus on everything you need for that. Quantum innovation requires a highly specialist environment. Extremely advanced equipment. Impressive measurement and control software. Is your organisation about to start a quantum research project or expand in this area? Then you can rely on Kuijpers. Leading businesses and innovative start-ups already do.

Kuijpers helps accelerate quantum technology research. Our professionals can support you throughout the full facility lifecycle. With minor modifications, or the development of a completely new facility. We can support you with feasibility studies and advice. We can develop your ambitions and requirements into an effective action plan. An optimised design. A hook-up without problems. Built on the foundations of reliability and stability.

There is no other discipline where the developments happen as quickly as in quantum. The trick is to get your facilities up and running equally quickly. With perfectly tuned installations. In a facility with demonstrably safe and effective operation. And we remain your committed partner for the future. We can keep your facility in top-notch condition, through careful maintenance and management. And by adjusting equipment where required. Are you ready for the future? So are we.

Curious how we can help you?

Please feel free to contact Paul.

Paul Joosten Director Controlled Environments