Semiconductors are key components for the production of computer chips. These products are so sensitive and delicate that a single molecule can make a difference. It is therefore essential that semiconductors are produced, tested and packaged in high-tech cleanrooms. Ultraclean environments which demonstrably meet the required Cleanliness Grade and product purity. And that’s exactly what we specialise in.

From cars, laptop computers, smartphones and washing machines through to advanced machinery, quantum computers and space technology: no automatic device works without computer chips. Preferably, the chips get smaller and more powerful all the time.  As modern chip fabrication equipment is extremely accurate, the cleanliness requirements for all suppliers in the semiconductor supply chain are getting stricter all the time. So, you need a partner who knows exactly how to implement the required Cleanliness Grades. Kuijpers is that partner.

Many issues relating to product cleanliness or molecular contamination are related to air handling systems or cleanrooms. We have been at the forefront in this area for years. You can rely on our expertise and experience for optimised facility design, construction and maintenance. Always based on your specific production or assembly process, but also supported by the experience and cleaning methods we have applied elsewhere. We can also support you when developing the cleaning stages for your production process.

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