Life Sciences


ATMP is short for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. This is a promising new group of medicines, based on genes, tissues or cells, which target the causes of illness. ATMP can extend lives, improve the quality of life, or even contribute to a patient’s recovery. These techniques give us hope, but are also complex in terms of research, development and production. This requires a partner who understands your entire facility lifecycle.

A number of research institutes and manufacturers active in tissue, cell and gene therapies rely on Kuijpers. They rely on our expertise in life science and controlled environments. Together we set up successful product and new initiatives in the research, development and implementation of complete manufacturing environments. Kuijpers can support you throughout the full facility lifecycle. What does that mean?

You can rely on us for feasibility studies, design and build projects, and support and maintenance of all your infrastructure, including validation, revalidation and commissioning. We can also advise you about the perfect environment for your facility: in an existing or completely new building. We deploy our expertise so yours can flourish. In this way we work together on that which is our primary drive: contributing to a healthier world.

Curious how we can help you?

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Emilio de Vet Project Director