Life sciences


Biotechnology processes are all about living cells. These are grown to provide active ingredients for medicines or vaccines. Your work demands great professional expertise. Your environment demands clear rules and protocols. Your process demands a partner who undertakes one verification after another. A partner who creates complex environments at the highest possible level. Who demonstrably assures quality –  from raw material through to end product. Who is that partner? We are. 

We are involved in the earliest stages of many impressive and complex facilities related to contamination control. Manufacturing sites which have to meet GMP requirements. And also the strict regulations and legislation associated with genetically modified organisms. In short: extremely clean, stable environments where contamination may never enter or leave the facility.

Do you need a cleanroom, containment or complete facility? And a partner who gets involved from your very first question or idea? Your entire facility lifecycle is in good hands with us. We arrange feasibility studies. We support you during the design and build stage. And we arrange the maintenance and operation of your critical environments and installations.

Curious how we can help you?

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Paul Joosten Director Controlled Environments