Life Sciences


Radionuclides can selectively target and destroy cancer cells. They have been an essential part of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other illnesses for decades. Kuijpers is an expert partner to hospitals, research institutes, laboratories and manufacturers active in the field of medical radionuclides.

The market for radiopharmaceuticals is expected to exhibit continued growth over the next few years. But there is one thing which will remain unchanged: any work with radioactive substances demands a highly controlled environment. Kuijpers can offer more than just expertise and experience of controlled environments. We are highly familiar with the life sciences, as they match who we are: an expert partner who wants to work with you towards a better world.

Our professionals understand your process and everything you need for it. Do you want to set up a radionuclide facility in an existing environment? Then we will consider the best layout, together with you. Where your people can work effectively and provide the best results. Or are you considering new construction? In that case we like to be involved from start to finish. We will provide the basis of your design, provide the complete infrastructure and remain proactively involved for service and maintenance.

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